Future Packaging Technologies and Industries (II)

Under the premise of improving the use performance and reliability of packaging machinery products, it will go toward electromechanical integration and control of computerization. Advanced design methods such as reliability design, optimization design, and computer-aided design are used to develop

Dow Chemical Introduces New Coating Process

Dow Chemical and Finnish paper company Metso will jointly market a new multi-layer paper and board coating process. Grand Chemical's emulsion polymer division will develop this coating chemistry and Metso will develop the coating fixing technology. Other PartsBrake Pad,Ceramic Brake Pad,Toyo

The development trend of cosmetics

Development status of the cosmetics industry The national cosmetics industry's GDP was only 4 billion yuan in 1990, and it has reached 25.7 billion yuan since 1998, an increase of 8.7% over 1997, a profit tax of 15.1 billion yuan, of which profit was 3.8 billion yuan, and foreign exchange earn

Packaging Design - Green Tea

    Model: Coffee Cup Set Material: Glass Color: plain white or with decal Process: press process Our Opal Glassware is milk-color,odourless,breakage-proof,heat-resistant, microwave-safe,easy-wahsing etc. They can be used in microwave oven and dish

21st Century: The Road to Beverage Beverage Industry (II)

During the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” period, the beverage industry achieved major developments in the implementation of the industrial policy of “focusing on the production of main agents and dispersing and filling beverages”. The concession filling plants established by Coca

Gravure printing process troubleshooting

During gravure printing, we often encounter some process failures. These processes not only occur in the printing process, but also occur in prepress and post-processing areas. The occurrence of these failures often results in the loss of processing costs, repair fees, and raw material costs; the

Create an atmosphere that respects design

How to create a social atmosphere that emphasizes design? Chen Jianjun believes that the most important thing is to respect design talents. Coca-Cola's unique brand image design gives people a sense of affinity and trust. This is a good example of long-term cooperation between designers and e

Success story of single concave machine

Beijing Lima Dun Company uses a single concave machine to achieve a version of multi-color printing proofing and printing proofing is a means to confirm the plate quality and printing effect. The purpose of packaging and printing single-bottom proofing is also to provide users with satisfactory pa