British developed a series of flat pan masks for platters

The Northampton-based FFP packaging company in the United Kingdom has recently produced a series of new platter flat-pack packaging films for platters that greatly extend the shelf life of packaged foods. The new series of new packaging film has good printability, can be pre-printed with the requ

Introduction to SIM card

The SIM card is a smart chip card with a microprocessor, which is composed of the following modules: --- CPU --- Program Memory (ROM) --- Working memory (RAM) --- Data Memory (EPROM or E2PROM) --- Serial communication unit These five modules must be integrated into an integrated circuit, other

Hygienic cigarette box

A sanitary cigarette box in which the fingers do not contact the filter comprises an outer cigarette paper, a middle liner and an inner aluminum foil. After the cigarette paper is folded into the cigarette box, the opening line cuts it into two parts, the box cover and the box body. A connection p

Polylactic acid has new uses

The biodegradable material polylactic acid has a new use for making prepaid phone cards and store membership cards. The United States Nature Works Corporation recently produced a new type of telephone card for the international card manufacturer UVColor, 95% of which is a polylactic acid base shee

Six foldable carton promotional packaging

Details: According to the manufacturer of the packaging, the concept of this package is to promote Rex and demonstrate everything they can do. This set features six-fold folding cartons with special capacity. The company caters to two well-known trends in this package: the unusual shape and the fl

Hy-Bryte System New UV Ink Development Trend

First, what is Hy-Bryte ink Hy-Bryte is a kind of UV ink, but it is not much different from other general inks in use. Can use general lotion to clean, do not need with special ink roller, blanket, plate and so on. Because it has a wide range of water supply amplitudes to obtain clearer dots and d