Gravure Platemaking and Gravure Printing (2)

(B) Gravure Printing PLATES and Proofing Compared with the past, the original version no longer requires the production of continuous adjustment of the original version, the production method is almost no different from offset printing. In particular, the production of color screening films, colo

Golden faces express pure sexy

With a golden color close to the skin tone, the natural essence is full of feminine feeling, highlighting the gorgeous atmosphere. The eyes of the eye to choose gold and brighten the eyes of the cold eye shadow, focusing on the natural charm of the eyeliner upturned female charm expression. With r

Talk about packaging design and promotional force

For the promotion of packaging and decorating promotions, the countries around the world have developed to a very high level. The key to good decor is design. Excellent design theme is clear. The "design orientation" theory proposed in the 1970s is also the meaning. In other words, what

Modern printing inks and removal strategies

Current deinking technology removes most of the impurities and inks. However, with the continuous development of new printing technologies and the increasing complexity of ink formulations, the complete removal of ink has become a major challenge. The deinking operation largely depends on the type

UV Ink on Wide-Range Satellite Flexo Press (Part 2)

The advantages of UV technology Packaging printers using satellite UV flexo printers have basically the same view of the benefits of this technology. Of course, some printers do not want to disclose specific information or technical details. Because the productivity of printers using solvent inks

Bridge Inspection in Solder Paste Printing Process (II)

Solder paste inspection - a practical image processing process Solder paste inspection is actually a solder paste printing image processing technique that separates the solder paste pattern from the background image to create a new “only paste pattern” image. This image containing onl