Pulp packaging was first used for daily chemical packaging

The Uruku series of lip balms in the New York Estee Lauder Dream avada series, which has been launched for a year, is in full compliance with its company's “Absolutely Eco-friendly Packaging” promise. After the lipstick is used up, customers can insert the new lipstick tube into th

Method for producing packaging laminates

【Patent Name】 Method for Producing Packaging Laminate 【Applicant】 Tetra Valle Group and Finance Co., Ltd. [Inventor] N. Toft; I. Postojaka; G. Left [Master Applicant Address] Swiss Puli [application number] 200480009984.4 【 Application Date 】 2004.03.17 ã

Cigarette box

Patent Name Cigarette Packaging Patent Applicants Fokker Limited and Principal Applicant's Address in Germany Fröden Inventor H. Fokker; V. Gongchalenenko; H. Buzzer Application (Patent) No. 03820324.3 Date of Application 2003.08 .20 Approval date Approval Notice No. 1678507 Date of approva