What is the binding digitization in digital printing?

Most of the digital binding refers to the computer to control the adjustment of the binding equipment. The early adjustments of binding and collating, glue mounting heads, and staple thicknesses were all manually adjusted. Most computers now use computers and servomotors, and they only need to inp

Some printing defects caused by bad paper

First, printing wrinkles, overprinting and ghosting failures caused by uneven paper The fibrous tissue of paper has a strong hygroscopicity and it is easy to change its moisture content with the change of the environment humidity and humidity. Then, once the moisture content of the paper increase

New Packaging Times, New Packaging Consciousness (I)

【Abstract】 This article is based on the role of commodity packaging and packaging in China today. It leads to a new era of packaging awareness and considers packaging as a semi-independent commodity. To sum up, it is to be light, thin, short, small, easy to carry, to combine environme

Overprinting solution

In multi-color printing, the adhesion of the ink of the latter color on the ink layer of the previous color is called ink overprinting and is also called transfer of the ink. The more ink that is overprinted or carried onto the previous ink layer, the better the color reproduction. When overprinti

Vintage leather sleeve labels come out

Decorative Sleeves manufactures a 360-degree sleeve label like a zippered leather jacket. The designer designed this wine sleeve to impress consumers with a zippered leather jacket. This set of logos is used by Bootleg Italian wine and is particularly sexy, trendy and modern. Source: New Food

Letterpress ink control

In the letterpress printing process, the following factors are closely related to the quality of the printed ink. Correctly understanding and understanding the relationship between these factors and ink color is of great significance for accurately controlling the quality of printed ink. Turn off

Special ink terms (2)

30 silver ink silver ink printing silver luster ink, made of aluminum powder pigment. 31 pearl ink lusting printing ink Using pearlescent pigment ink, the print has a beautiful pearl luster. 32 Flat Ink (Matte Ink) mat ink (dull ink) Ink with extremely low or no gloss, also known as matt ink. 3

The use of high-speed gravure water-based printing ink

Abstract: With the environmental protection requirements getting higher and higher, the high-speed, gravure, water-based inks developed by our company have been developed. After a parallel evaluation on the machine, compared with the solvent ink, the ink and the solvent ink have the obvious advant

The basic knowledge and concepts of paper printing

First of all, we need to understand a few basic concepts: drafts, printed sheets, orders, and weights. These concepts are very important and they are the most basic. Must be proficient and keep in mind. Paper produced from paper mills generally has two forms: 1. Web, 2. Flatbed paper 1. Web: Web

Wire mesh technology new knowledge

Several Formulas and Parameters About Wire Mesh Calculation Find the weight of the screen: Wire diameter x wire diameter x mesh number = 1 square meter (pound) weight Find the weight of the steel net: 1 square meter steel plate weight ÷ extension rate = 1 square meter steel plate net weight