Product packaging logos and trademarks

The signs of goods packaging can be roughly classified according to their functions and uses: sales packaging signs (including identification signs), transportation packaging signs (including indication signs), and eco-labels inspection marks. A sales package logo (including identification marks)

Analysis of the Compression of ECRM-1030 Laser Imagesetter

At present, many users are using the ECRM-1030 imagesetter, most of which have a 4- to 5-year use time. The current prominent problem is that there is a long and short compression phenomenon in the direction of the film, which often results in the discharge of the layout core being smaller than th

The essence of the formation of "print ghost" (below)

Ghosting performance characteristics (1) Infrequentity. In the printing, the appearance of ghosts is not common. No matter what kind of prints with graphic structures exist, there is a contradiction between ink and ink. However, not all prints have the appearance of ghosts, that is, in the printi

Japan developed a printing press for edible inks

Japan's printing machine manufacturer Masta Ma Yingde recently successfully developed and produced an edible ink printer that prints directly on food surfaces using edible inks. The printing machine uses a printing process that does not come into contact with foods by spraying edible inks. It

Offset printing process chain failure analysis

Because the requirements for paper used in various types of documents, forms, and publications printed on offset presses vary from paper to paper, and the size, thickness, and thickness of the paper are different, it is necessary to make adjustments to the machine for different papers. In the rec

Anti-static modifier

DuPont will launch a series of modifiers for En-tira that are suitable for many polymers. The first product is the antistatic agent Entira AS, developed by DuPont-Mit-Sui Company. The modifier can be welded at high frequency and has high moisture permeability. The addition of 40% less Entira AS gi

Nano Inks and Nano Varnish Applications

First, nano ink Since silica and titanium dioxide exhibit strong anti-ultraviolet light and catalytic properties at the nanometer scale, the nano-modified ink synthesized through special processing chemical reactions can generally increase its light fastness by 2-3 grades and heat resistance. And

Hengshoutang's packaging strategy

First, background By the middle of 1998, Hengshou Hall has undergone one or two years of pre-operation, and the types of main products have basically formed. There are three major products: gold milk calcium, shark liver oil and tuna oil. Sales volume is increasing. Each product has its own thema