Composite wood floor cleaning is stressful

The method of maintaining composite wood flooring is simple. In general, you can use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the surface dust, then damp it and wring it out to a non-drip rag or mop to wipe the floor surface. After mopping the floor, it is best to open the doors and

Package Smart Label Application

Characteristics of frequency bands in RFID systems and their main application areas: For an RFID system, its frequency band concept refers to the tag signal frequency range that the reader sends, receives, and reads through the antenna. From the application concept, the operating frequency of the

Glass bottles are more favored in the coffee market

In 2009, the coffee beverage market made its debut and was favored by some middle class, especially white-collar workers. Although in the beverage market, “Yaha” still uses Tetra Pak packaging, latecomers use metal three-piece cans and glass bottles. Original glass bottle "Starbuc

Wood plastic processing mold technical points

Wood-plastic moulds are moulds used to make all kinds of wood-plastic products. In modern industrial production, the use of mold molding is a more general method, and the manufacture of wood-plastic products is no exception. According to the current process characteristics, th

Buy indoor doors to view product certification

Control costs don't have to be too expensive For the principle of saving resources, it is not necessary to choose too expensive interior doors. Affordable solid wood veneer doors, mixed wood color doors, solid decorative plywood doors, etc. are all good choices. There ar

Buy a wooden door to see "a layer of skin"

During the peak season of decoration, high-end, luxurious solid wood doors are highly respected. According to industry insiders, in fact, the solid wood doors mentioned in the market are not all solid wood. The difference between high-end and low-grade may be “one layer