Recommended new LANCOME Lancome Rose Eyeshadow

LANCOME Lancome Rose Eyeshadow LANCOME Lancome Rose Four-Color Eye Shadow 495RMB A perfect combination of light, color, smoothness and long-lasting makeup. VeLVet® velvet technology formula gives all the shades a comfortable and smooth velvety texture. High-brightening light, flawless and eve

Skin care strategy for sensitive skin

  When the summer and autumn seasons alternate, the sensitivity of the skin often plagues the MM who love beauty, the skin is itchy, red, stinging... uncomfortable and combating self-confidence, what should be done to avoid sensitive troubles? Pay attention to the following daily maintenance it

21 ancient costumes that travel around the world

The retro-inspired denim vest is full of sleek scent. It is a single item in this season. The big SIZE suit will make you look full of gas. Does every girl have a big dream of traveling around the world? When we really stand in front of buildings filled with history and vicissitudes, how do we use

Buy solid wood furniture, be careful

The furniture bought by thousands of yuan is not the solid wood of the merchants. â–  Ms. Chen bought a set of solid wood sofas. Later, she was seen by a friend who had worked as a carpenter. In the so-called solid wood sofa, many wood materials are spliced ​â€

Anti-insect packaging technology introduced

Anti-insect packaging technology can be divided into the following five kinds: (1) Inflatable packaging. Inflatable packaging is a packaging technology method that replaces air in a packaging container with an inert gas such as carbon dioxide gas or nitrogen, and is therefore also referred to as

Develop a perfect geothermal floor solution

Geothermal floor has high thermal conductivity Today, with the increase of geothermal communities, the geothermal floor market continues to expand. Compared to just a few brands at the beginning, many floors have been claimed to be used for geothermal. With the introduction o

Russian wood species aliases and characteristics

The climate in the Russian state of Irkutsk is continental. About 76% of the area is covered by forests, with timber reserves of 9.2 billion cubic meters, accounting for more than 10% of Russian timber reserves. Irkutsk region is Russia's large timber base - second only af