Gravure drawing troubleshooting

Drawing is one of the common problems in gravure printing, involving gravure printing machines, plate cylinders, doctor blades, and printing environments. Many factors such as ink, such as improper handling will affect the production and quality. Drawing is also called pull line, starting line, w

Loose powder can't be rushed under the cold weather

Make up loose powder, puff should be slightly dry Even if you sweat and get wet with water, you won't lose makeup. It is important to make sure that the puff is slightly dry. If the puff is too wet, the entire makeup will fall off quickly because it is too thin. Second, we must ensure that the

Antique and elegant Chinese lamps

Page 1: Antique elegant Chinese lamps Page 2: Antique and elegant Chinese lamps Section 1: New Chinese classical lamp This new Chinese classical lamp is not only because of its special craftsmanship, but also because of the rich Chinese patina in the lighting, which brings a rich atmosphere to o

Go to Sichuan to find food bottle market: feasible

Where is the market for food bottle companies? Needless to say, Sichuan is definitely an important market for food bottle manufacturers. Every year, Chengdu celebrates the thriving scene of the sugar market in Chengdu. For food bottle manufacturers, Sichuan's "Szechuan Cuisine", whi

Simple, rustic design to create a simple bamboo bench

The designer used the simplest and simple design method to design this simple bamboo bench for the public domain. A bundle of sturdy bamboo is bundled together by a fixed rope to form a cylinder. The designer then places the cylinder on a stainless steel base that has been placed outdoors. Since th

Stylish and creative running chair

The somewhat childish Korean designer brought us a clockwork chair full of childhood toys. Just give the chair a good spring, let them stand on the starting line, loosen the hands that hold them, and the funny clockwork chairs will run wild, seemingly banging, higher than the height! China Pock

Flexible egg roll sofa

This is an elastic egg roll sofa. There is a "crack" on the sofa that divides it into two parts. When you lean on it, the sofa will partially sink down, and the remaining left side will become the armrest. The comfort level is not discussed, and it is quite distinctive as a decorative and

Autumn pleasant furniture enters the living room

Page 1: Autumn pleasant furniture enters the living room Page 2: Autumn and pleasant furniture enter the living room When the autumn wind blows away the heat, a pleasant refreshing walk into the living room. The flower blossoms thank you, the fruit is so tired, using these elements that belong to

House feng shui that is easy to make people

Fast-paced modern life often brings great mental pressure. If you are hit by something, it will inevitably lead to self-destruction. If the home is not good, you will jump off if you are angry. So which feng shui layout is easy to lead to suicide? Mars is trailing in Feng Shui, and Mars is actuall