Children's color mud making - toothbrush

Children's color mud making - toothbrush 1. 圆 a ball 2. 搓搓 long 3. Insert a match stick, smash into a sliver 4. 搓 a ball 5. 搓搓 long 6. pinch some 7. plug together 8. 搓 圆 圆 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 1

Table tennis making tumbler doll

Materials: two table tennis balls, one pinball, wool, colored paper, white glue. System of law: (1) Boil a table tennis ball for 2 minutes, take it out after the sphere is inflated, open a hole in the ball, and put the pinball into the table tennis ball. Then put two tab

Furniture store compensates customers for full payment

This newspaper (correspondent Liu Wei Zhang Wei intern Hu Kai reporter Ma Hui) prepaid more than 20,000 yuan of furniture , when the delivery, the counter was removed. After the industrial and commercial personnel intervened, the property party lost money. Song Danfeng, who lives in Jiang'an,

Open eyeliner magic natural eyeliner

The weather is getting hotter, the girls' various sandals, the flip-flops are on the scene, and the toes should be dressed up like a finger~ Take a look at the ultra-simple foot nail DIY tutorial! The eye makeup that people can't refuse is "no blink"! The bright eyes are the ones

How to reasonably use printing powder

When you stand in front of the 15,000-hour-per-hour press and you are stunned by the high-speed feeder feeder, you must be impressed by the fact that it is stable, accurate, and flat. Piled on the delivery platform without any dirtiness. The general printing machine is equipped with a correspondi