Application of DEK Offset Printing Technology

The rapid development of electronic technology has promoted the continuous development of SMT surface mount technology. The electronic components are getting finer and finer; the pin spacing is getting smaller and smaller; the requirements for component mounting strength and reliability are gettin

Trouble shooting for offset printing and paste printing

Pattern printing and paste printing are one of the most common faults in offset printing. They are discovered and resolved in time, and they are the guarantee for improving the quality of printing and reducing the rate of waste. The following is a summary of the common causes of the flower version

Analysis of Satellite Flexo Printing Machine (Part 1)

In fact, flexographic printing has a long history in China. As early as the 1950s and 1960s, the predecessors of the domestic printing industry have introduced this printing method into China, but at that time it was called flexographic printing. Due to the printing knowledge at the time and relat

Some experience of quality control of flexographic printing

Shaanxi Zhongbao Printing Company mainly prints packaging and printing products such as wine labels, cigarette labels and instant noodle lids. The company uses all domestic ink (products of Shaanxi New Century Company) for printing, and also won a high-quality product in the 1998 national flexogra

How to wash the blanket more clean

Cleaning blankets is an important job for printing operators. In printing, especially when the quality of the paper is poor, the paper sheds and powders seriously, and paper debris and other debris accumulate on the blanket, resulting in a decline in print quality. In the past, we used the method