Wooden spoon handmade - chick

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Application field of UV aging test chamber

The UV aging test box is suitable for aging tests of non-metallic materials against sunlight and artificial light sources. The UV weathering test box can simulate the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The weather resistance box uses a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp to simulate the effect of s

Cow's hand print

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Development status of UV weathering test chamber

The current status of the environmental testing industry is: China's UV weathering test chamber industry is facing both opportunities and challenges in the severe situation of foreign investment and import surge. China's UV and weather-proof test chamber companies are not limited to the de

Tips for maintaining dust test equipment

Tips for maintenance of dust-proof test equipment: If the dust-proof test equipment runs abnormally, stop testing immediately, find out the reason and solve the fault before continuing to use it. a. Avoid tilting the sand and dust test box; b. Prohibit chemicals from contacting the device; c. Do no