5 kinds of beauty makeup, please note

If you want to create a dreamy big eye makeup, thick long eyelashes, exaggerated eyeliner and eye shadow, have you tried it? In fact, a perfect makeup, eye makeup is absolutely important, big and clear, and it is very attractive. But not the eye is long enough, the eyeliner is thick enough, the eye shadow is enough to be fashionable, and now I will tell you some makeup taboos that are often made by eye makeup, you must remember!

Make your eyes bigger and brighter

Beauty makeup 5 big taboos please note

1, do not tangled in the length of the eyelashes

Thick mascara is a good thing, it can make the eyes bigger and brighter, but if it is not applied properly or the mascara is too much, the mascara will accumulate on the eyelashes, and the eyelashes will be like "fly legs". . This way, the eyelashes that are tied together will be retired by other men.

Don't be too different in eyeliner color

Beauty makeup 5 big taboos please note

2, the eyeliner color is not too strange

Girls draw eyeliner to make their eyes bigger, this is understandable, but don't be too outrageous, too exaggerated. Colors such as red and purple that are too bright are not suitable for use as eyeliners in daily life. Try to use black or white. Black should look big and white will brighten your eyes.

Intense smoky makeup smoky makeup is the makeup of many makeup artists on the stage

Beauty makeup 5 big taboos please note

3, strong smoky makeup is not suitable for daily life

Smoky makeup is the makeup that many make-up artists use on the stage, because it is stylish enough to show a cool maverick. However, because it is too strong in drama, it is not suitable for daily makeup, and the black color is applied to your face, it will be too sick, not mental, and the symptoms look like men will be scared.

Eyeliner is too rough to draw eyeliner

Beauty makeup 5 big taboos please note

4, eyeliner should not be too thick

The eyeliner is drawn to make your eyes deeper and more radiant, but if you use your eyeliner as an eye shadow and draw too thick, you will let the men fear your strength and retreat.

Magic color eye shadow eye shadow

Beauty makeup 5 big taboos please note

5, eye shadow painting should try to pursue natural harmony

Drawing a magical dark green eye shadow during the day can be too exaggerated and unnatural. Especially for Asians, the contrasting colors are not suitable for most Asians. Compared to the gorgeous colors, the earth color is more suitable for Asian skin.

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