After the arrival of Da Vinci, the furniture stocks went against the market and the experts said that the sustainability is not strong.

Faced with the continued strength of the furniture sector, analysts believe that it is not a hot money speculation

The Da Vinci fraudulent incident made the road to market appear to be variable, and it also triggered an earthquake in the furniture industry. Consumers’ trust in foreign furniture brands began to decline. On the other hand, Da Vinci’s fraud also made the A-share furniture listed company a fire. Yesterday, the furniture sector continued to strengthen, with an overall increase of 2.17%. However, analysts believe that Da Vinci's fraud has a limited effect on the domestic furniture industry. The rise of the furniture sector is only a short-term speculation of hot money, and investors are advised to treat it rationally.

Home sector rose 2.17% against the market

Da Vinci, which was previously considered to be the top-end furniture brand, was exposed by the media due to identity fraud, shoddy and other incidents. Da Vinci furniture stores in Hangzhou and Chengdu were seized, and Da Vinci shops appeared. Return tide. However, domestic furniture listed companies also took the opportunity to "issue a sum".

Yesterday, the main high-end furniture of the Meike shares opened slightly lower, all the way up, hit a maximum of 9.86%, the closing gains have narrowed, reported at 13.32 yuan, up 7.68%. The wood industry also closed up 7.72%. Not only that, Zhejiang Yongqiang, Ningji, Yihua Wood, Daya Technology and other stocks rose more than 2%. At the close, the furniture sector as a whole rose by 2.17%, ranking first in the industry in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.

In fact, since the Da Vinci general manager Pan Zhuang Xiuhua held a press conference on July 13, the furniture sector has been strengthening for four consecutive trading days.

After Da Vinci was exposed by the media, how much positive impact will it have on domestic furniture listed companies? Yesterday, Tianfu Morning Post reporter called Kezhen Wood as an investor. A staff member of the company's board of directors said that 80% of the furniture products of Kezhen Wood are export products, there are no distributors in China, and domestic products are generally Without the market circulation, under normal circumstances, the market can not buy products, so the Da Vinci brand frustrated, the impact on the company's business performance is very limited. It is understood that the furniture products of Meike, Yihua Wood and Zhejiang Yongqiang are also dominated by export sales.

The furniture stocks are not strong in the later period.

Hua Jin Securities analyst Jiang Jinsong said that the recent reasons for the strength of furniture stocks are multifaceted. After the Da Vinci fraud incident was exposed, the consumer's trust in foreign brand furniture declined sharply, which constituted a certain positive factor for the domestic furniture industry. The market share of domestic furniture brands with quality assurance is expected to improve in the future, but The short-term impact should be limited.

In the current weak pattern, the heavyweights such as banks, real estate and nonferrous metals have performed poorly, and the market investment style has turned to defensive non-cyclical consumer stocks such as furniture, liquor and retail. In addition, from the trend of the furniture sector, the sector has fallen sharply since March this year. Taking the wood industry as an example, the decline was as high as 35%. Jiang Jinsong believes that the recent strength of furniture stocks also indicates that in the short-term, the oversold rebound and repair market. "Overall, the strength of the furniture stock does not rule out the speculation of hot money." Jiang Jinsong said that the hot money borrowed the Da Vinci brand frustrated and smashed furniture stocks, but because domestic furniture listed companies are mostly export-oriented, the short-term performance is not There will be substantial impacts, and the current domestic furniture industry's rising costs and overcapacity have not improved significantly. Therefore, furniture stocks are only short-term speculations and do not have strong sustainability. It is not recommended for investors to chase after them.

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