Beauty woman's blemish skin care tips

The woman rushed three times, the spots began to grow more and more, is there any good spot method? Today we will tell you a few skin care methods, I hope you can use the cosmetics to destroy it.

Skin Care Method 1: Granulated Olive Oil Mask: Take a proper amount of sugar and olive oil, mix the two together, gently apply it to your face like a facial cleanser, and massage it to remove the skin's keratin. Restores skin's metabolism, and long-term use can also achieve the effect of reducing pores.

Skin care method 2: Banana milk mask: The amount of fresh bananas, a little milk (the amount of milk is better than bananas). Pour the milk into the banana puree and mix it into a paste. Use a hand or a cotton pad like a facial cleanser, massage while applying it, and clean it when it is not dry. This mask can be used as a "timely hydrating mask" for long-term use to moisturize whitening skin.

Skin care method three: red wine beauty . The grape flesh of the red wine contains super antioxidants, which restore the skin's whitening luster. In addition, grape seed is rich in nutrients "polyphenols", and its anti-aging ability is very strong. Therefore, the beauty of red wine is absolutely good. You can choose the finished red wine mask or you can make a red wine mask. When making it yourself, soak the compressed mask paper in a proper amount of red wine, then take it out and apply it.

Skin Care Method 4: Recommended for skin care products.

Biotherm detoxifying whitening mask, the essence is very full, the taste is very fresh, apply to the face to sleep for one night, get up in the morning, the skin is soft and tender.

Yumeijing Gold Medal is very easy to use, especially moisturizing, and tastes very good. It is especially good when the skin is sensitive or winter.

Clinique butter cosmetics , applied quickly and absorbed, very moist.

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