British developed a series of flat pan masks for platters

The Northampton-based FFP packaging company in the United Kingdom has recently produced a series of new platter flat-pack packaging films for platters that greatly extend the shelf life of packaged foods.

The new series of new packaging film has good printability, can be pre-printed with the required patterns, trademarks and related product descriptions and other information, suitable for all kinds of materials made of platters and containers cover closure package.

This new series of packaging film incorporates high-tech ester-breathing technology in the production process. The product is divided into various grades according to the gas permeability required for preservation of the packaged food to meet the requirements of different food preservation packaging. This series of envelope is most suitable for packing a variety of fresh foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, seafood and other fresh agricultural and sideline products.

The range of film products includes laminated films incorporating ester release technology. This laminated film has high tear resistance and moisture resistance. The film has a flat appearance and can be directly sealed without hot gas leveling. This laminated film is composed of PP, CPET and aluminum foil, and has been coated to improve and enhance a variety of fresh-keeping properties. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also significantly extends the shelf life of the packaged food.

At present, the new series of packaging films introduced by FFP has been used for the preservation of 11 kinds of foods including carrots, potatoes and other vegetable and mushroom mushrooms. In order to further enhance the application value of new products, the company is beginning to improve the level of waste reduction and recycling.

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