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Patent Name Cigarette Packaging Patent Applicants Fokker Limited and Principal Applicant's Address in Germany Fröden Inventor H. Fokker; V. Gongchalenenko; H. Buzzer Application (Patent) No. 03820324.3 Date of Application 2003.08 .20 Approval date Approval Notice No. 1678507 Date of approval announcement 2005.10.05 Instruction CD No. D0540 Main classification number B65D85/10 Classification No. B65D85/10 Division Original application No. 2002.8.26 DE 10239681.7 Abstract Clamshell type cigarettes In the packaging box, an opening (36) is provided in the front lower area, that is, in the area of ​​the front wall (12) of the box. This opening allows a logo (38) placed on the inner sleeve to identify the product. To the Sovereignty item 1. A packet of cigarettes comprising at least two pieces, namely an inner piece which preferably completely surrounds a group of cigarettes, and a box piece which consists of paper, (thin) cardboard or the like. In particular for the construction of a clamshell box, it is characterized in that: a) the package box is provided with at least one opening (36, 37) in the area of ​​at least one box wall; b) the inner panel has at least one mark (38) ) - A printed portion or embossed portion, which is at least partially located in the area of ​​the opening (36, 37) in the finished package and is visible from the outside. International Application PCT/EP2003/009206 2003.8.20 International Publication WO2004/024596 Germany 2004.3.25 Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Patent and Trademark Office Office Location Agent Xie Zhigang

Main Features of Top-grade Landscaping Grass

1. The manufacture technology that curled fiber and straight fiber weave crossly increases the rebound resilience and anti-UV of the best Artificial Grass.

2. The best artificial grass has most natural color, vivid appearance, most soft texture and comfortable feel.

3. With outstanding anti-abrasion performance and a long lifespan, the best artificial grass is suitable for high-frequency usage.

Top-grade Landscaping Grass

Technical parameters of Top-Grade Landscaping Grass

Pile height: 25mm-35mm

Gauge (inch): 3/8" 

Stitch: 14-18 stitches per 10cm

Dtex: 11000-13600


Top-grade Landscaping Grass

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