Consumers buy furniture most concerned about furniture environmental issues

With the advancement of society and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers have added an important indicator of concern, environmental protection , on the basis of the previous aesthetics and practicality when purchasing furniture . Environmental protection is generally related to the amount of formaldehyde released and the amount of heavy metals. However, from the recent situation of consumers buying furniture , there is an important indicator of the volatilization of VOC.

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When many furniture are bought home, the surface will evaporate an unpleasant smell. This smell comes from the toxic organic solvent volatilized on the surface of the paint. It is very harmful to the human hematopoietic function. This is a lot of consumers. I don't understand. Since most furniture manufacturers in China use toxic oil paints, in general, merchants will not correctly explain to consumers, because this is related to the interests of the merchants. Moreover, the consumers themselves do not understand the paint, can not judge those furniture is environmentally friendly, those are toxic, can only listen to the unilateral introduction and blind recommendation of the furniture sales staff.

When the ventilation environment is good, the concentration of the organic solvent in the air is low, and it is generally difficult to detect, but as long as it is in close contact with the surface of the furniture, a toxic odor can be smelled. So, what furniture does not exist in this toxic solvent?

First, furniture without spray film;

The second is furniture that is rubbed with wood wax oil;

The third is furniture painted with water-based paint.

The wood wax oil mentioned here refers to the natural resin, and the water-based paint refers to the paint oil which uses water as a solvent. Both of them volatilize the harmless gas and will not cause harm to the human body. Currently, the water-repellent paint has appeared in the furniture market. Furniture and wood wax oil furniture. Water-based paint furniture is made of environmentally-friendly substrate (solid wood, glass, metal or medium-density board containing formaldehyde below 0.9g/kg). It is coated with water-based paint. It does not volatilize any toxic gas, does not pollute the air, and does not harm the human body. It is true. Environmentally friendly furniture in the sense. Recently, various domestic paint companies, research institutes and schools have done a lot of work on the research and development of water-based wood coatings, and successfully developed water-based wood coatings that meet the performance requirements of wood coatings, although currently water-based coatings for interior decoration wood coatings. The proportion has only increased from 1% to 2%, and the increase is small, but it shows that the influence of water-based wood coatings has been touched by the people of the country, and domestic furniture DIY coatings are becoming a popular trend. Because of the need to do it yourself, this group of people pays more attention to the safety and environmental protection of paints. Waterborne wood coatings are widely recognized by DIY people because of their low-harm and low-pollution characteristics. For example, the domestic famous water-based wood lacquers are well-known, such as Huarun, Dabao, Meitu, Dufang, etc., among which the quality and construction of the scratch-resistant furniture paint produced by Foshan Noodle Water-based Paint Co., Ltd. The effect is not inferior to the high-grade oil paint, and the products have also been exported to Europe and the United States many times. Therefore, we recommend that consumers should choose furniture coated with water-based paint when purchasing furniture. Only water-based paint furniture can be considered as environmentally friendly furniture!

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