Create an atmosphere that respects design

How to create a social atmosphere that emphasizes design? Chen Jianjun believes that the most important thing is to respect design talents.
Coca-Cola's unique brand image design gives people a sense of affinity and trust. This is a good example of long-term cooperation between designers and entrepreneurs.
Many of our country's enterprise product development is still mainly completed by engineering and technical personnel, and there are few specialized designers involved. Companies often put a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources into the technical parameters and quality of a product, but are not willing to invest in product design R&D. The adoption of product design is also often determined by the personal preferences of the leaders. Designers are often subject to business owners or follow the market in order to survive. They lack the independent sense of innovation and design concepts that guide the consumption of the market.
There are serious irregularities in the use of design works in China. Designers often sell their brains in exchange for low-cost labor costs. The adoption of design works in Japan has a government-guided price. The purpose is to protect the remuneration of designer works. Once the design work is adopted, the designer will receive a certain percentage of the remuneration for the amount of production, but China does not. Related protection regulations.
In order to successfully achieve economic restructuring, a report released by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council introduced Hong Kong's 13 creative industries and the status quo and proposed that Hong Kong should be built as Asia’s largest creative center. Hong Kong’s definition of “creative industry” is based on personal creativity. , intellectual property, etc. to create wealth and employment in the industry, including advertising, architecture, fashion, film and television production and closely related industries. It should be said that Hong Kong's "creative industry" is an extremely visionary strategy that is worth learning from.

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