Foamed three-dimensional printing with embossed artistic effect

Heart of beauty in everyone. Printed fabrics are loved by people for their colorful and dazzling appearance, and have an important role in beautifying the lives of the people. How to make the printing fabric not only produce a beautiful pattern, but also make the pattern produce the effect of embossed art, produce a strong contrast under the irradiation of light, form a kind of real and eye-catching three-dimensional feeling on the human visual, can increase the fabric The added value can make fabrics with decorative and aesthetic appeal. This is the goal pursued by printing and dyeing workers for many years. The appearance of foamed three-dimensional printing has initially fulfilled people's long-cherished wishes. The so-called foaming three-dimensional printing refers to the use of foaming agents and resin emulsions. After the printing, the drying and high-temperature baking decompose the foaming agent to generate a large amount of gas, and the resin layer expands to form a three-dimensional spatial three-dimensional pattern. A special printing method where the resin fixes the coating on the fabric.

It can be widely used in pure cotton, pure polyester and polyester-viscose blended fabrics to form a permanent three-dimensional pattern on the fabric, can withstand general washing and friction, and the hand feels soft. Foamed three-dimensional printing has two major categories: physical foaming and chemical foaming:

(1) Physical foaming method. The “microcapsule” technology was used to make the printing paste and the foaming agent was made into a stable “microcapsule” of tens of microns. The microcapsules contain an easily oxidizable organic solvent, and finally the microcapsules are dispersed in an acrylate series adhesive to form a foam printing paste. When the solvent vaporizes upon exposure to heat, the volume of bubbles formed in the microcapsules can increase to about 50 times. The foaming agent has the advantages of low foaming temperature, odorless gas release, safety and non-toxicity.

(2) Chemical foaming method. Foam printing paste consists of polymer emulsion and blowing agent. The foaming agent is required to form the required foam structure, has good compatibility with other active agents and printing auxiliaries, has the effect of easy penetration into the fabric and promotes the timely rupture of the foam, can be decomposed at a high temperature, and generates a large amount of no Poison gas. In addition to the foaming agent, a film-forming agent that covers bubbles and maintains foam stability, that is, a coating binder, is also provided.

Only in this way, the foam printing paste can have a soft hand and a good elasticity. Fabrics printed using chemical foaming can withstand general washing and rubbing. Foamed three-dimensional printing has no special requirements for equipment. Manual platen, flat screen, rotary screen, and roller printing machine can all be used, but the effect is not the same. The speed of manual platen printing is slow, and the output is low, but the amount of slurry is large, the three-dimensional effect is prominent, the pattern is easy to change, and the flexibility is great. It is suitable for small-volume production of decorative products. Flat screen printing is suitable for decorative products and not for clothing products. Rotary screen printing has a high output and a wide range of application. The printing of pure cotton and polyester-cotton fabrics can be applied, but the amount of pulp fed is low, which can produce apparel fabrics and decorative fabrics. As the foaming three-dimensional printing requires a large amount of slurry, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of the viscosity of the slurry and the temperature of the platen so as to prevent the mesh from being blocked. The roller printing has a high output and a wide range of application, but the viscosity of the slurry should be properly controlled, and the flower cylinder carving should be properly deepened to ensure a three-dimensional effect. Foamed three-dimensional printing is not limited by the type of fiber, fabric organization and printing equipment, and can be used for both apparel fabrics and decorative products. The process is simple, the printing effect is novel and unique, and the product quality is relatively stable, giving people a sense of high-grade, artistic, so it is deeply favored by consumers.

Source: Global Textile Network

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