Furniture store compensates customers for full payment

This newspaper (correspondent Liu Wei Zhang Wei intern Hu Kai reporter Ma Hui) prepaid more than 20,000 yuan of furniture , when the delivery, the counter was removed. After the industrial and commercial personnel intervened, the property party lost money.

Song Danfeng, who lives in Jiang'an, was in a furniture city in Huangpi District in September 2009. He saw that there was a set of Guoteng brand solid wood furniture in the showcase of Wuhan Shengshimei Furniture Co., Ltd., and it was the property of Wuhan City. The property service company paid a total of 22,880. The agreement was delivered to the company by “Shengshimei” in January 2010. After the change of the date of the house transfer of the Song family, the “Shengshimei” company agreed to deliver the goods at any time according to the requirements of the Song family.

At the end of last year, when Song asked for delivery, the person in charge of the counter looked for various reasons and delayed delivery. In February of this year, Song Danfeng, who was helpless, had to find a property company to come forward, but the problem has not been solved.

When Huang Wei’s industrial and commercial personnel investigated, the property party said that the money was transferred to “Shengshimei” company. The company had arbitrarily removed the cabinet at the beginning of this year, and the company had no branches or offices in Han. Tang’s residence could not confirm whether the furniture was Has been sent.

Since the payment was collected by the property party, after mediation, “Dang Renju” company agreed to refund the full payment of Ms. Song before repaying the “Shengshimei” company.

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