Going to the blackheads, there are coups to be fresh and beautiful.

Many MM suffer from some skin problems because of the living environment. For example, blackheads, the vitality of blackheads is more tenacious than any skin problem, and one or two efforts are not overwhelming. Going to blackheads is a big project, and you are insisting on it, so MMs must be beautiful if they want to be beautiful! There are a lot of tricks against blackheads, using BB oil, soda powder, blackhead extract, etc., but the most important thing is basic cleansing, want to overcome the annoying blackhead problem? Hurry and learn.

To blackheads, we can choose a deep cleansing mask. The deep cleansing mask can exfoliate, remove fat particles and blackheads, and at the same time cleanse the skin's dirt. The deep cleansing mask should be used for a long time, so the blackheads will run out!

Soda powder to blackhead method:

A small amount of baking soda powder plus pure water or mineral water, in a ratio of 1:10, stir with a small spoon until the baking soda powder dissolves. Use a piece of cotton pad to make a blackhead soda that can clean the dissolved grease, and then stick it with a blackhead in a semi-dry state. After 15 minutes, you can completely win it, and the blackheads will be significantly less!

Because soda is an alkaline function that neutralizes the skin's acidic oils, it can effectively dissolve blackheads and cleanse the oil that blocks the skin. Let the blackhead dissolve completely, don't tear it and hurt the skin.

Salt + milk to blackhead method:

Use unsalted salt, dissolve with milk, massage with proper strength when there is granules, wash off with water after half a minute, and the blackheads embedded in the skin will be washed at this time. Allows the skin to receive protection from the oil, and it can be sprayed with astringent toner to shrink pores.

Pearl powder to blackhead method:

Pearl powder is a good beauty skin care product, it can remove aging horny and blackheads, mix mineral water with high quality pearl powder, and adjust into a paste. Gently massage the face with blackheads until the pearl powder dries twice a week, which is good for oil control to blackheads.

Egg inner membrane to blackhead:

There are a lot of blackheads around us, such as the inner membrane of the egg, the egg white has a good effect on the skin, and the inner membrane of the egg is the master of the blackhead! We completely tear off the inner membrane of the egg and then Apply it to a place with a strong blackhead. It takes about 10 minutes to work. The inner membrane is torn off in a semi-dry state. Most of the blackheads will be cleaned up. It is very easy to use!

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