How to overcome the one-sidedness in the development of green packaging in China

In recent years, the rapid development of China's green packaging industry, the increasing use of environmental protection packaging materials, market share has gradually increased, the technology content is getting higher and higher, some products have reached the international advanced level, in the international market is better Sales. However, relevant people believe that there is still a certain one-sidedness in the development of China's green packaging.
In the minds of the packaging industry and the general public, green packaging is often regarded as afforestation of packaging products, and the packaging products made of environmentally-degradable materials are erroneously treated as green packaging, regardless of whether the production of packaging products causes environmental problems. Pollution and waste of resources, do not ask the reuse of packaging products after use. If the paper packaging is regarded as a green packaging, the plastic packaging is placed on the opposite side of the green packaging, and even the polyethylene is considered to be toxic, and paper-based plastic molding should be fully implemented.
In fact, the environmental impact of packaging should be considered throughout the product's life cycle. Paper packaging may not meet the requirements of green packaging if it is improperly recycled, and plastic packaging should be promoted if it achieves the goals of reduction, recycling, and harmlessness. Plastics have the advantage that other packaging materials cannot be replaced, and a total ban on plastics will cause greater pollution. China's forest resources are limited, and the pollution of other raw materials for papermaking is also difficult to control. It is neither practical nor environmentally friendly to implement paper-based plastics. At present, even in developed countries that strictly implement green packaging, plastics are also the fastest-growing packaging materials. The main measure to reduce the environmental impact of plastics is to enhance recycling rather than a total ban. Therefore, at present, many important aspects of China's green packaging, such as the reduction of packaging materials, recycling and reuse of packaging waste, have not received corresponding attention, and the related green packaging industry is also underdeveloped.
In addition, the development of China's green packaging industry is also very uneven. First, the time for different companies to implement green packaging is not synchronized. The earliest implementation of green packaging was mostly export-oriented enterprises. Such enterprises were affected by the international market and learned about green packaging earlier. They quickly adjusted their packaging strategies. Enterprises that rely mainly on the domestic market are slow to respond to green packaging. In recent years, they have only begun to engage in green packaging. Secondly, the regional development is not balanced, and the green packaging in the economically developed areas is developing rapidly. However, the green packaging in the central and western regions where the economy is relatively backward has not received enough attention and development has been slow. In addition, in the treatment of packaging waste, local policies and regulations are also inconsistent, resulting in the transfer of packaging pollution to economically underdeveloped areas.

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