How to reasonably use printing powder

When you stand in front of the 15,000-hour-per-hour press and you are stunned by the high-speed feeder feeder, you must be impressed by the fact that it is stable, accurate, and flat. Piled on the delivery platform without any dirtiness.

The general printing machine is equipped with a corresponding powder spraying device, so that when the printing ink layer is thicker, the ink with a slower drying speed or the fine-printing high-grade products is sprayed, so as to prevent the printing sheets from sticking or sticking to each other. High-quality electronic dusting has always been the standard for high-end printers. It not only improves the printing quality (powder is more evenly distributed on the prints, and the amount of powder is more reasonable), but also saves powder and reduces dust. The electronic dust-spraying device is more humanized in use, and the touch screen can adjust the range and duration of dusting according to the size of the paper web, so that the quality of the print can be further guaranteed.

Sometimes, in order to reduce the sticky problem on the back of the printed matter, the operator adopts a method of increasing the amount of dusting, which will affect the gloss of the printed matter, pollute the working environment, and also increase the dirt of the delivery mechanism, resulting in serious wear and tear, and The machine will have an adverse effect.

The principle of dusting quantity control is to make the upper and lower printing sheets not sticky in the effective printing part. The amount of powder used at this time is the best amount of powder. The main reason is that the ink on the surface of the printing ink is not completely dry. If the ink is dry, dusting has no meaning. When the printing master examines the printed sheets, checking the amount of dusting is an indispensable part of the work. Most of this work is carried out by visual inspection. When it is found that the dusting is uneven or the amount is small, it must be adjusted in time. If it is used improperly or for other reasons, the dusting device may sometimes cause troubles such as poor powder or even clogging. Good daily maintenance and proper use can avoid or reduce clogging of the dusting device.

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