Keep in mind that the main fortune refrigerator feng shui refrigerator is placed on the table

Just like other home appliances, the refrigerator also has its unique feng shui effect, which continuously affects human health and indoor feng shui through electromagnetic waves. Helpership is still a bad luck, sometimes it depends on whether you use it reasonably.

1. The refrigerator is gold, and people who like gold should put a large refrigerator in the house. If you put a refrigerator in the hall, it is a very golden act. The people who are in the five elements of the gold can be transported by the horse; but if they avoid the gold, they will attract bad luck.

2. What kind of person is the most favorable for the refrigerator? The refrigerator is the fortune of the five elements of the Jinjin people. For those who are loyal to the gold, the refrigerator is undoubtedly a good medicine for transportation. Give him the task of opening the refrigerator every day and let him In the switch of the refrigerator once and for all, raise your fortune.

3. The kitchen is a place of fire. Because of the fire, the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen to balance the fire of the kitchen. For another example, if a family member likes gold, the refrigerator can be placed in the position of the member. Specifically, if the male owner likes gold, it can be placed in the northwest corner of the kitchen or hall. If the hostess likes gold, it can be placed in the southwest corner.

4. Where is the most suitable refrigerator? In general, the refrigerator is mostly placed in the kitchen for convenience.

The kitchen is a place of fire, the kitchen of the fire, the gold of the refrigerator, unconsciously consumes the fire of the kitchen, the fire of the kitchen is weakened, which is conducive to the balance of the kitchen.

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