Let mosquito repellent water become a green mosquito-proof clothing

Tanning, long spots, dry skin, and even lead to cataracts, skin cancer... UV invisible killer is hard to prevent. The Shanghai Meteorological Department is working on the development of the “improved UV Index” to allow the UV forecast to better support the public with a practical umbrella.

The hot-selling mosquito repellent water on the market can cause people to encounter traps. A news about biocides in mosquito repellent water is causing concern among readers. Dermatologists instruct consumers to polish their eyes when they buy, and let the mosquito repellent water be applied to the body to become a green mosquito-proof clothing .

How to prevent invisible UV? Sunburn and sunburn have "criminals"

"Today's UV index is 5, which requires special protection. It is recommended not to be outdoors." In the past ten days, the Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory has issued five strong ultraviolet forecasts.

Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory staff said that the current UV index forecast divides the UV intensity into 5 levels, and the corresponding protection recommendations are “No protection required”, “Proper protection”, “Attention protection”, “Strengthening protection” and “Special protection”. .

According to the staff, the intensity of ultraviolet light is related to the season, the cloud layer and the humidity near the ground. In summer, the higher the altitude of the sun, the shorter the distance through the clouds, the least absorbed, and the higher the level of ultraviolet radiation. "The UV index currently broadcast is mainly calculated by software based on the amount of clouds and so on."

Some netizens said: "I have forgotten the protection today. It doesn't matter if I look at the cloudy sky. How can I still get a lot of sunburn?"

According to experts, according to different wavelengths, UV is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA is called tanning segment, UVB is also called sunbathing segment or sunburn segment, and UVC is called sterilization segment. Therefore, sometimes although the total amount of ultraviolet radiation is not high, but due to the large amount of UVA, it will still cause skin tanning.

At present, the Shanghai Meteorological Department is working on the development of the “improved ultraviolet index”, which is related to the effect of ultraviolet light on the human body.

"Based on the original UV forecasting level, we intend to take into account the impact of different wavelengths of ultraviolet light on the human body, not just the total amount of radiation," said the Shanghai Urban Environmental Meteorological Center expert. In addition, the Shanghai Meteorological Department is considering launching special needs services for cataract patients in conjunction with other departments to help people who are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light reduce the chances of being affected.

Experts pointed out that the curtain wall glass of high-rise buildings in the city will increase the impact of ultraviolet rays on the human body. In this regard, many women love to wear long trousers to go out, "strictly guard against death."

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