Let you keep the young six gold bars

6 golden rules make you look younger

● The hair that sweeps through the chin can take the effect of taking away the years.

● The color of the lipstick will change your age. If you want to be young, be sure to give up the brown lipstick.

● After the age of 30, avoid removing too many eyebrows when you are eyebrows - if you do too much, they will not be so easy to grow back.

● Keep your teeth white, which is one of the symbols of youth. Coffee, tea, and red wine stains can make your teeth yellow.

● Stand straight, don't be discouraged. Think about the sexy stars you know, which one is not confident enough to stand up straight? This trick will not only make you lose 10 pounds in an instant, but also make you look younger 5 years old.

● It is better to sleep well than to sleep well. Nothing affects the outer beauty more than a bad sleep. Bags under the eyes, dull complexion, sagging contours - think about these, they should give up the night life, but it is early to bed.

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