New Corrugated Paper Box Structure and Design Breakthrough

In the increasingly fierce market competition environment, we have faced the product crisis in the carton industry, formulated innovative strategies for the carton industry, solved the plight of the carton industry, and saved the carton industry in distress.

Horizontal expansion refers to the development of new products for corrugated board, such as paper tubes, paper trays, carton liners, etc., as well as the use of paper for wood, paper for plastic, paper for bamboo, paper for bottles, etc., to expand corrugated cardboard packaging Industry application areas;

Longitudinal breakthrough refers to the development of corrugated cardboard other than packaging, in other areas such as cardboard, furniture, cardboard display racks.

It is understood that the carton industry in foreign countries has successfully developed the extension of corrugated board, and the use of cardboard products in other industries has become a model for the characteristics of the carton industry. The development of the domestic use of corrugated board is still in its infancy, but the results have been significant.

The structure and design of a new corrugated box

Although the production of corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes is only more than 100 years old, it has excellent mechanical properties such as light weight, pressure resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance, cushioning, shock resistance, and easy processing and molding; Sex, can be easily recycled, has no pollution to the environment, etc., and its use is wider and wider. At present, corrugated cardboard has become one of the most widely used packaging materials in modern packaging. Corrugated cartons are gradually replacing wooden containers and other transportation packaging containers with their superior use and processing performance, becoming the main force for transportation packaging, and selling packaging in a variety of shapes and exquisite printing. Conventional corrugated cartons can be divided into standard and non-standard types, among which the standard is defined by the European Union of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers (FEFCO) and the Swiss Cardboard Association (ASSCO), recommended by the International Corrugated Box Association (LCCA). Box type, non-standard type refers to various new types of corrugated boxes that appear after the introduction of the above standards. In addition to the above two types of boxes, in recent years, the corrugated box industry has begun to expand the traditional application of corrugated board, developed a variety of new types of corrugated boxes and corrugated board structural parts, which greatly promoted the development of the corrugated box industry. This article focuses on the issues of the structure, design, and development trends of new types of corrugated boxes (corrugated paper structures) that have emerged in recent years.

Concepts, types and applications of new corrugated cartons (including new corrugated cardboard structural parts)

The corrugated box is a rigid paper container made of corrugated cardboard and is mainly transported in Packages. As of today, there are a large variety of corrugated cartons, and new styles and new varieties continue to emerge. According to the standards recommended by the International Corrugated Box Association, there are standard corrugated cardboard boxes and non-standard corrugated cardboard boxes; according to the processing technology, there are two types of ordinary and special-shaped corrugated boxes; the box-type structure includes ordinary corrugated boxes and new types of corrugated paper. Boxes and corrugated board structural parts are three types.

Standard corrugated cartons and non-standard corrugated cartons

Standard corrugated boxes are customarily referred to as the boxes recommended by the International Council of Corrugated Boards (LCCA) for the purpose of facilitating trade with international trade, developed by the European Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers (Khan FCO) and the Swiss Board Association (ASSCO). The standard has a total of more than 90 boxes and more than 40 carton attachments. China's national standard GB/T 6543-1999 only specifies more than 10 kinds of international box type. Non-standard types refer to various new types of corrugated boxes that appear after the introduction of the above standards. Including wrapping carton, separate carton and so on. For a long time, these two types of cartons accounted for 90% of the carton market. However, with the continuous development of the economy and the continuous expansion of the market for merchandise sales, corrugated paper is increasingly being used outside the traditional fields. In recent years, various new types of corrugated boxes and new types of corrugated board structural components have emerged.

New corrugated carton

In terms of production practices, the new type of corrugated box mainly refers to the types of cartons other than the standard corrugated boxes and non-standard corrugated boxes. This kind of carton has been produced in recent years with the increase in the variety of corrugated cardboard and its wide application in the sales and packaging field. Mainly include the following categories:

Anisotropic corrugated carton: refers to the box type with more complex shapes, appearances, and structural designs. In the box type development drawing, there are often non-straight components that are not parallel to or perpendicular to the carton cutting and indentation direction. They cannot be used directly. Rotary equipment for processing; need to use a film cutter.

Paper Box: Paper box refers to an open, special cardboard box that is easy to stack and carry. They usually have relatively strong boxes and corners, and they are designed with a cornice for positioning. This kind of box has already formed the standard in Europe, besides CF1 (597MM*398MM) and CF2 (398MM*298MM) two kinds. Its height can be adjusted according to the size and needs of the product.

Corrugated paper trays: According to the structure and design requirements of common wood pallets, the trays formed with corrugated cardboard are called corrugated paper trays. It is a fumigation-free green tray approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an alternative to wooden pallets. Can be designed according to user needs, compared with wood, plastic trays, its light weight, low price, with a greater competitive advantage.

Display stand: Also known as POP (Pont of Purchase). This is a new kind of corrugated cardboard structure developed with POP advertising. There are generally three types of floor type, countertop type and hanging type. It has the advantages of environmental protection, convenient transportation, rapid assembly, etc. It is placed on the sales floor and has the function of displaying goods, conveying information, and facilitating sales.

Corrugated cardboard cushioning: This is a new type of cushioning component developed in recent years. Because many countries have limited the use of EPS cushions, people are seeking to use environmentally friendly materials instead of EFS materials. Corrugated cardboard cushioning is one of them. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, and easy recycling. As a result, large 32-inch rear-projection color TVs, as well as cushioned packaging for laptops, fax machines, etc., have its shadow.

The Significance of a New Corrugated Box on Corrugated Box Industry

The traditional application of corrugated cardboard is mainly cartons and cartons. Especially in line with international standards and China's national standard; éš¹ æ ‡ standard; éš¹ carton. However, the new type of corrugated box as an in-depth development of the application of corrugated board in the packaging industry will bring incalculable development opportunities to the corrugated box industry.

Can greatly expand the use of corrugated board, and promote the development of corrugated board industry;
It can comply with the trend of green packaging in the international packaging industry and accelerate the “3R” process of packaging to become a new growth point for corrugated packaging in the fields of sales and transportation packaging.

New Structural Design Requirements for Corrugated Boxes

Shaped corrugated carton Shaped corrugated carton structure is reflected in the word "exotic". This requires the design of functional structures (such as handles, hand holes or vents, adhesive flaps for autofolding cartons, etc.), feature structures (such as cut corners, hollows, feet, etc.) and appearance structures (such as non-columnar, Non-planar structure) and other special structural elements. They can meet the requirements of a wide range of contemporary packaging styles, attractive appearance, ingenious structures, and varied forms.

Paper cartons The main function of cartons is to hold, store, and display the goods. The design must meet a certain carrying capacity, good display effect, stable stacking performance and convenient handling functions.

Paper Trays Trays are one of the main tools for collective packaging. The first thing to satisfy is the stacking strength and bending strength requirements of the top planks, followed by the impact resistance of the cushions and the impact resistance of the top planks. National standards require that different specifications (load-bearing) pallets must meet different performance indicators.

Display racks POP advertising is one of the two pillars of advertising media and it has a direct impact on product sales. From the perspective of function, the display rack should focus on a series of psychological activities such as attention, interest, desire, and memory before the consumers buy the goods. In addition to embodying the functions of POP advertising in the use of decorative design elements such as colors, texts, and designs, it must satisfy the functions of displaying goods, conveying information, and selling goods; it must have individualized modeling and structural design.

Corrugated liners The main function of corrugated liners is to protect products and fix products. Therefore, the first thing to consider when designing is its bearing capacity and cushioning performance, and secondly, the requirements for positioning the product in the outer package. Since most of the corrugated liners are used as alternatives to EPS liners, the simple design, cost reduction, and ease of assembly are important design requirements while meeting basic performance requirements.

Source: Global Corrugated Industry

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