Plastic woven bag ink

At present, due to the needs of the market, plastic woven bags have been continuously introduced. Especially in the packaging of rice and vegetables, a variety of colorful, novel and unique, illustrated OPP color film packaging bags, aluminized film packaging bags, laser film packaging bags, pearl film packaging bags and many other varieties of plastic packaging bags are on the market. In addition, plastic woven bags are also widely used in the packaging of building materials, cement, and resin chemicals, and the market demand is increasing; the printing methods are not only manual screen printing, but also more low-speed mechanical printing or high-speed mechanical printing. . Traditional plastic woven bag inks generally use oil-based inks and alcohol-soluble inks. With the increase of human environmental awareness, “ink-based water” has become imperative. To this end, the printing and packaging department of Wuhan University has developed a water-based plastic woven bag ink. The ink is made of self-developed water-based resin, combined with pigments, special additives and emulsions, and is divided into low-grade and high-grade models. After the plastic woven bag is printed with the ink, it has the characteristics of good gloss, excellent adhesion fastness, water resistance, abrasion resistance and no residual odor. Printing methods can be flexo printing or screen printing, which can fully meet the needs of customers.

The cost of the plastic woven bag alcohol-soluble ink raw material is 12 yuan/kg, the cost of the high-grade plastic woven bag water-based ink raw material is 14 yuan/kg, and the cost of the low-grade plastic woven bag water-based ink raw material is 8 yuan/kg. The reference ex-factory price is 20 yuan/kg, 25 yuan/kg and 16 yuan/kg respectively. The annual output of this product is 100 tons, which requires equipment investment of 48,000 yuan, plant 150m2, power 20KW.

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