Pulp packaging was first used for daily chemical packaging

The Uruku series of lip balms in the New York Estee Lauder Dream avada series, which has been launched for a year, is in full compliance with its company's “Absolutely Eco-friendly Packaging” promise. After the lipstick is used up, customers can insert the new lipstick tube into the old packaging. The packaging that can be used twice in the real sense has finally come out.

But this is only part of this eco-friendly packaging, and the company also wants to make secondary packaging materials equally environmentally friendly. Therefore, John Delfausse, the deputy director of the avona packaging division at Kenyon, began researching a three-fold pulp packaging model made from recycled materials. UFP Technologies is also very interested in this research and created a model. Prior to this, there was no packaging for pulp in the daily chemical industry for secondary packaging design. Delfausse and his colleagues are very optimistic about the prospect of this design.

This model has now been put into commercial production. UFP Technology Co., Ltd. has undertaken the entire process of making molds, pressing and die-cutting into three-fold packages for Kenmeng avada. Delfausse said happily: "Their integration process is in full compliance with our anticipated processing goals and costs." Even the three-fold wrapper exterior paper sleeve and other corresponding exteriors are made of 100% PCR pulp.

Source: Industry Packaging Solutions

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