Several Methods for Clearing Operation of Inkjet Printers

No matter what brand of printer printer, after a long period of use, there will be occasional “strikes”. The power indicator on the printer flashes yellow and orange to indicate that it is not working properly; sometimes prompts such as "Discard the cartridge is full" appear. The general user sees this kind of situation first will think to look for the printer company's after-sales service solution, but actually we only need to carry on the zero operation to be able to solve. Below, Xiao Bian will tell you the steps, hoping to help you solve the problem.

There are two types of printer resets, one is manual reset and the other is software clear. Some of the clear methods that are circulated on the Internet, there will always be some follow-up problems after use, for example: each boot needs to be cleared, or can not be cleared at all. We have completely eliminated the worries of our company through the combination of manual software.

Manually cleared

We must carry out thorough software zeroing. This manual step is indispensable. In many cases, users directly use the software to clear the file, which can cause the printer not to be found, and even more to cause a crash.

1. Turn off the printer's power first, and remove the power cord from the power outlet.

2, then press the printer's power button, while plugging in the power cord, this time the printer's power light is on.

3, we do not release the power button, then press the 4 feed button. You will see a change in the power light display, from yellow to green to yellow to green, and some printers are yellow to orange.

4, release the power button at this time, when the machine starts, the power light will go out.

5, finally reboot, see the printer is normal, then connect the computer.

Software cleared

The above method is only manual zeroing method, we also use the software cleared, so as to completely cure. Some friends will see that there are many clearing software on the Internet. We are looking for a few megabytes to use. Usually, a few hundred K clearing software is not effective at all.

1. We open the clearing software. Generally, after the program window appears, select the USB port corresponding to the printer in the “USB PORT” item in the upper right corner.

2. Then click the “SET DESTINATION” button, then check the “CLEAING” and “EEPROM CLEAR” options. Finally, click “TEST PATTERN 2” (Test Mode 2) ) button. We see the printer's power light flashing, it means starting to reset the reset, wait for the power light to stop flashing, re-boot it.

3, after rebooting, press "READ SERIAL NUMBER" (read serial number) key, this step is very important, because many operating methods because there is no such step, so it caused every boot should be manually cleared, many friends Will think it is not cleared and failed, but in fact it is only cleared and not saved.

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