Shunde Hongfu Launches Flat-Plate Precision Flat Screen Printing Machine

The circuit board printing special equipment launched by Shunde Hongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. has a F(A) series plane screen printer with the following functions:
1. The printing stroke and the size of the screen fixing mechanism are adjustable to facilitate the printing area of ​​different specifications;
2. The screen horizontally moves up and down to avoid the disadvantages of the ink flowing on the screen and improve the printing quality.
3. This series of screen printing machine has the common commonly used circuit board printing technology. The printing stroke adopts the motor drive, with the linear guide, the speed can be continuously variable, and the printing is stable;
4. The pressing force of the squeegee and the ink-returning blade can be independently steplessly adjusted to increase the service life and printing quality of the screen.
5. The workbench is equipped with three-side fine-tuning devices. The net-frame is equipped with front and rear fine-tuning devices, and the school edition is convenient and flexible.
6. With off-grid device, the height of the off-grid is adjustable, the position is adjustable, and the speed is adjustable, which ensures the product quality;
7. The thickness of printing thickness is large, scraper loading and unloading are convenient, and the printing angle is adjustable;
8. Adopt imported pneumatic and electrical components, high precision, good performance, convenient and reliable adjustment, action control is flexible, stable, low noise;
9. With safety protection device to ensure the safety of the entire operation process.
This series of screen printers are widely used in various circuit boards, liquid crystal display panels, solar panels, membrane switches, thin film panels, and screen printing of various metal and plastic signs. Can also be used for ceramic decals, enamel decals, thermal transfer paper, advertising, posters, display cards, tobacco, wine, tea, medicine, cosmetics and other packaging and printing industry.
The flat F-type (A) series of flat screen printers have the unique function of automatically moving the table top and preventing the plugging function, making it a special device for printed circuit boards.

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