Summer cool home beautiful pretty woman's favorite home style (Figure)

Summary: The summer is hot, and the home has become a harbor for summer vacation. Hiding in the middle of the summer, in addition to the air-conditioning, have you ever thought of creating a refreshing home, to eliminate the troubles of the summer. The freshness of the wilderness, the fragrance of the flowers, the greenery of the green leaves, and the excitement of the fruit are the new themes of this summer's home. Life Family Xiaobian has tailored the summer home cool home series for your home, creating a fresh feeling and making our summer more beautiful.

Modeling lines are the highlights

Flower language: In furniture design, the feeling of flowers is usually reflected by only one line or one arc. Furniture designer Li Yongling said that styling is a bright spot to show the decorative effect of furniture, and drawing the lines of flowers is a common means. For example, the curvature of a line in the leg of a table is like a blooming flower. There are also chairs or sofa back lines that are more innovative parts.

For the occupants, the home is a field to be reclaimed. In the spring and late days, every resident can become a hard-working farmer, decorating his home with his own creativity, and making the living room full of spring. Let the flowers bloom in every corner of the house.

The design of flowers has always been the focus of the spring and summer fashion trends in recent years. From the previous single flowers to the illusion of today's flowers, the artistic conception has become the popular focus of the current fashion stage.

Similarly, home decoration is an important part of taste fashion, and it is closely following the pace of international fashion trends. Designers almost use consistent design behavior to show that the use of flower shapes, patterns and moods to decorate the living room has become popular today. . As a result, the monotonous furniture market has begun to flourish. Whether it is a large flower fabric sofa or a painted solid wood furniture, the use of flowers has become a beautiful landscape in furniture decoration.

Summer cool home beautiful pretty woman's favorite home style (Figure)

Gardener: Fabric furniture best reflects the feelings of the pattern

Nowadays, furniture design is becoming more and more fashionable. In fact, the expressive power of furniture lies in its strong plasticity and profound inheritance. Cloth is the most representative of the feelings of the pattern. This year's popular fabric patterns are rich. In addition to the current selection of roses, hibiscus and rose in China, various green leaf plants can become part of the fabric pattern after artistic treatment. In addition, tulips that are in harmony with European furniture styles, as well as elegant orchids, are popular. There is also a hand-painted furniture. The specific expression is to manually depict flowers and other patterns on the solid wood, and then whitewash the old to create a classical romantic or rural folk style of furniture. The trend in these seasons is that the theme of painting gradually moves closer to natural scenery and ordinary life.

Bold colors and exaggerated shapes are the charm of this round bed

Flower language: Applying patterns directly to furniture is the most straightforward way to say goodbye to monotony. This is most used in fabric sofas and hand-painted furniture.

Flower recommendation: The design of the wrought iron table and chair print is matched with the slightly yellowish color, full of retro taste.

Summer cool home beautiful pretty woman's favorite home style (Figure)

I was enchanted by a pattern coffee table.

Miss Zhou, media worker

I used to see a classic coffee table in a high-end furniture city. The whole design is very simple, the lines are very smooth, it is a tabletop with leaves and petals, and a table leg hidden in half. The color is common milky white. I saw it like a lily when I saw it. Although there is no obvious element similar to lily, but the first impression is that, I like lily, at first glance. However, I did not buy it because of the price.

Like the artistic conception of flowers

Yang Lingling, female, in-service graduate student, sales supervisor

I like flowers, but I don't like gorgeous big flowers. Individuals are more inclined to ask for the lines and patterns of artistic conception, so I bought a chair with a chair-back line that resembles a rose lace. In addition, fabric furniture I like elegant small floral, the color is more inclined to the plain, can be easily replaced in spring, but also conducive to cleaning, change a sofa cover can sometimes play a role in changing the environment.

Playing with small furniture for the season

Peng Qi, female, teacher

I don't have much to change on the furniture, but it must be changed to a coffee table and a small sofa that is randomly placed. Generally speaking, in the spring, I will change the coffee table to be lighter and brighter, and it will bring a little natural flavor to the home. For small sofas, I like to use some acrylic materials, which are both bright and easy to care for. They cost less but can have a good effect.

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