Talk about the development of traditional hot stamping

Hot stamping, commonly known as "hot stamping", has a long history in China. It refers to the text and pattern of hot foil and other materials in the cover or cover of the hardcover book cover and the back part of the book, or the embossing of various convex or concave titles or patterns by hot pressing.

Flat hot, as the name suggests, refers to the impression that the datum plane is a flat surface, which is stamped on a flat workpiece or a part of a flat surface of the workpiece (flat ironing). This type of stamp, which can be a protruding graphic, is stamped on the plane; it can also be a flat silicone plate stamped on a raised graphic.

Hot, embossed part is a heated silicone rubber roller, which can be rolled on the plane (round ironing), can also be hot on the arc surface (round hot round), such as with a dedicated servo can also be in the TV Machine shell and other shell around the hot. There is also a hot device. It is different from the former, it is still hot stamping with a flat plate, the workpiece is cylindrical, when it is pressed hot, hot rolling forward, to achieve the purpose of hot stamping on the circumferential surface, which is "flat hot round." Hot stamping equipment Before the 1980s, domestically-made soil equipment was mostly stamped by users. In the early 1980s, most of the equipment imported from Japan was Daping (Navidas), West Kurtz and Hong Kong. Flat ironing machine, hot ironing machine. Since the 1980s, the number of domestic production plants has gradually increased, and now it has become a category of special printing equipment, which not only meets the needs of the domestic market, but also exports.

Today's hot stamping is different from the past hot stamping. The quality has been greatly improved, the surface is very smooth and smooth, the lines are straight, see the edge, do not collapse, show the modern finishing technology, have a modern sense. Hot stamping foils are also available in many varieties, including bright gold, bright silver, gold, silver, brush, chrome foil, and pigment foils. Hot stamping signs are used on modern home appliances and instruments.

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