The global wholesale distribution center of the global home trading platform settled in Haizhu

Abstract: World homes look at China , and Chinese homes look at Guangdong . Guangdong occupies half of the total production capacity of China's household furnishing industry, but the extensive management of natural agglomeration and the economic downturn have brought unprecedented difficulties to the Guangdong home furnishing industry.

World homes look at China, and Chinese homes look at Guangdong. Guangdong occupies half of the total production capacity of China's household furnishing industry, but the extensive management of natural agglomeration and the economic downturn have brought unprecedented difficulties to the Guangdong home furnishing industry.

Recently, Xiangjiang Group announced that it will build a wholesale center for the wholesale market of home furnishing and distribution platforms in Guangdong, Xiangjiang Home Furnishing Brand Factory. The traditional pattern of Guangdong's home furnishing industry is expected to be broken. It is understood that the provincial wholesale center of the global home trading platform will be opened in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Huizhou on June 2, creating a large-scale commercial and direct marketing platform for wholesale and marketing.

â—ŽIndustry background

Guangdong home market faces a huge test

According to the survey, China's home furnishing industry is mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim, and Sichuan Province. Among them, Guangdong accounts for 50% of the total capacity of China's household furnishing industry, 15% in Zhejiang, 8%-10% in Bohai Rim, and nearly 10% in Sichuan. These areas are mainly domestic industrial chains formed by natural accumulation, mostly extensive production and operation. The low degree of industrial concentration has resulted in the lack of close links between the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, which has increased the cost of the entire industry.

Guangdong is one of the earliest areas to develop the home furnishing industry. It has the innate geographical advantages adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It has several famous furniture production bases and a number of home building materials brands with the largest production capacity in the country. These favorable conditions indicate that Guangdong has the best resources for the development of the home industry. After years of development, Guangdong has become the most developed area in China's home furnishing industry and the largest home furnishing base in the Asia Pacific region. The value of Guangdong's household industry and total household sales account for more than one-third of the country's total, and the export volume is close to half of the national total.

However, Guangdong's home furnishing industry has developed to the present day, more and more drawbacks appear, such as excessive concentration of export markets, weak anti-risk ability, low added value of export products, and fewer independent brands. Entering 2012, the global economic winter and the property market wait and see atmosphere, foreign merchants' orders for household goods have declined, domestic household consumption demand has dropped sharply, and the Guangdong home furnishing market is facing a huge test.

â—Ž Status analysis

Home production and sales profits are falling

According to the data, in 2011, although the annual sales volume of home furnishing enterprises increased by about 10%, the profit decreased by nearly 30% compared with the same period of last year. According to Sina's home survey, the manufacturing situation of furniture, flooring, ceramics, sanitary ware, etc. is similar, sales volume and The phenomenon of reversed profits is obvious. But many consumers also feel that the price of household goods rose by 5%-10% last year.

What factors are causing furniture prices, but companies and consumers are complaining?

“The factory gross profit is only 6%”. The head of a household brand manufacturer first pointed out that the furniture production cost includes three parts: factory rent, worker wages and raw materials. First, the “rigid cost” of furniture is growing, such as natural wood, particleboard, Cotton, leather and hardware accessories have risen in price since last year, and these are the primary factors that cause furniture prices to rise.

Second, the increase in labor costs is also an important reason for the adjustment of furniture prices. Various industries in Guangdong and other coastal provinces have experienced various levels of “labor shortage”, and the minimum wage has been raised every day. It is essential to retain human wages. As a labor-intensive industry, the home industry is even more painstaking. (Source: Southern Metropolis Daily Nandu Net)

For dealers, the operating costs mainly include the rent of the store, the salary of the sales staff and the operation costs. If one of the costs increases, the channel cost will increase. “The biggest pressure is that the rent in the store is too high.” A Chengdu dealer pointed out that many furniture stores in China are built in the city center, and the rental cost is too high. If the cost is calculated by the value of the superposition, the price will inevitably lead to high prices. At present, many dealers have been overwhelmed by the cost of rent, but also to deal with fierce competition, it can be described as two sides.

In August 2011, at a home furrow forum, Jiang Hongyuan, president of the Zhejiang Furniture Association, said that the biggest problem in the home store was that the operating cost was too high, and the rental cost of the store exceeded 30%. For a time, the home industry was pushed up. The cusp of the wind.

Looking at the economic environment, with the uncertainties of the domestic macroeconomic situation and the international economic downturn, the international oil price has fluctuated sharply this year, and the export situation is not optimistic. Due to the exchange rate, the appreciation of the renminbi will also bring about a reduction in profits. To the "most dangerous moment."

The insiders pointed out that in order to get healthy and sustainable development, Guangdong's home furnishing industry must “treat the crisis and seek for progress” and take timely response measures to further transform and upgrade, break through the constraints, increase transportation costs and increase labor costs. The impact of rising raw material prices, rising exchange rates and reduced export orders has been minimized, driving market demand and broadening the domestic and foreign markets to create a new situation in the Guangdong home furnishing industry.

â—Ž coping strategies

Provincial wholesale center settled in Haizhu District (Source: Southern Metropolis Daily Nandu)

In order to continue to maintain the leading position of the Guangdong home furnishing industry during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, improve the competitiveness of Guangdong home furnishing enterprises in response to the increasingly complex marketing environment, enhance the overall competitiveness of the Guangdong home furnishing industry, promote industrial optimization and upgrading, and promote the “Northbound and Eastward” "Xituo", led by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Home Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Provincial Household Chamber of Commerce, under the active promotion of manufacturers from all walks of life, Guangdong Provincial Brand Home Factory Wholesale Center came into being, settled in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, The majority of home furnishing manufacturers have created a brand-new exhibition, one big trade, large circulation provincial home wholesale direct sales platform, bringing a new development thinking to the Guangdong home furnishing industry and opening up a new pattern of entrepreneurial circles. (Source: Southern Metropolis Daily Nandu Net)

Located in the provincial wholesale center of Jiangli Avenue South Ligang Road, Haizhu District, the Xiangjiang Home Brand Factory Wholesale City has a planned area of ​​250,000 square meters. The home factory is directly stationed in it, and a large factory home showroom is set up. The province and even the country to develop agents, distributors, and to the local home market, home shopping malls, agents, dealers, government procurement, enterprises and institutions, engineering institutions, collective group purchases and other wholesale procurement. It is understood that, unlike the traditional purchase and sale model, since the wholesale city is home to the home manufacturers, the high cost of the domestic goods in the traditional distribution channels has been repeatedly compressed here, and the high home prices have been reduced. Xiangjiang Home Furnishing Factory Wholesale City will hold a large-scale wholesale purchasing conference or exposition throughout the province every year to provide a platform for home furnishing products, home new product display, and new design concepts to quickly realize the exhibition and sales resources. Seamless links.

â—ŽNew mileage

Seize the new 30-year high point of the Guangdong home furnishing industry

In 2011, as the first year of the development of the new development of the future home market, the new home industry in Guangdong and even the whole country, a new "war of competition" is intensifying.

As an important step in the global home trading distribution platform to enter Guangdong, Xiangjiang Home Brand Factory Wholesale City has emerged. The establishment of a global wholesale distribution center for household goods trading in Guangdong Province is a result of careful analysis of the trade trends in Guangdong and even in southern China. . The birth of Xiangjiang Home Brand Factory Wholesale City will inject confidence into the Guangdong home furnishing industry.

According to the person in charge of Xiangjiang Home Brand Factory Wholesale City, after the official operation of the wholesale city, it will carry the development opportunities of the whole household enterprises in Guangdong Province, integrate the superior resources of the middle and lower reaches of the province's home furnishing industry, and build a high-quality home display trading platform. Buyers, distributors and consumers can easily purchase first-hand sources with more styles and more novel styles at the factory wholesale price. At the same time, home manufacturers can use the wholesale city as their factory's annual exhibition hall. With this platform, they can display new home products and develop agents and distributors to effectively break the bottleneck of home business development and promote the development of the home industry in Guangdong Province and even South China. Continue to strengthen and expand the Guangdong home furnishing industry and create a new pattern for the Guangdong home furnishing industry.

Chengdu, the world's first home trading platform, has won the recognition of the market, and the radiation power of the huge consumer market in the Great West has been fully highlighted. Such a big hand and big idea are now advancing into Guangdong. For Guangdong, a traditional strong home province, it will undoubtedly play a role of pulling and improving. It will certainly promote the breakthrough of the Guangdong home furnishing industry and seize the commanding heights of the Guangdong home furnishing industry in the next 30 years.

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Guangdong International Furniture Wholesale Trade Fair opened on June 2

Guangdong International Furniture Wholesale and Trade Fair will be held on June 2nd at the provincial wholesale center of the global home trading platform in Haizhu District, the Xiangjiang Home Brand Factory Wholesale City. From well-known home and abroad home brands, more than 120,000 sets of new home products will be delivered to Guangzhou to build a home industry event.

It is understood that the participating brands of the transaction conference include: Zhihua Shi, Jianwei, Fuerkang, Mousse. 3D, Avon Ting, Moderate Yamengsha, Bailan, Slim Bailan, Odyssey A 8, Phil, Baina poetry, Eli Bailan, style, Camino, Milan home, Si Kexin, Ou Muxuan , Jin Fulai, Diya, Yishi Space, Milano, Divani, Stirling, Ai Meng, Yalan, Ideal Space, Ka Shi Fan Ni, Jin Fulai, Phoenix Legend, Pin Mufang, Yao Rong Xuan, Zibo Hall , Jin Yutang and so on. At that time, we sincerely invite all local home markets, shopping malls, agents, distributors, government procurement, state-owned enterprises and institutions, engineering institutions, and collective group purchases to come to wholesale procurement. During the conference, the public purchases the factory and the factory wholesale price, generally lower than the market price of 50% -70%. Wen / Zhao Anran

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