Trademark Design Knowledge Collection--Overview of Trade Marks (4)

Normal align=left> Section 3   The design and design law of trademark mark

Normal align=left> First, the design idea

Normal align=left> has creative and clear image features, simple, plump, beautiful, easy to recognize, easy to remember, easy to distinguish, profound meaning, to meet the characteristics of the product and the nature of the company is the design of the logo design must grasp . How to use graphic or text, color, and Other language to reflect this design idea? To establish a more comprehensive design position is the first problem to be solved. If it is a trademark, it is first determined whether it is used for food, hardware, mechanical and electrical products, sporting goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or sundries. Each type of commodity has its own characteristics, and these characteristics give people different feelings. The sweetness of food, the hardness of hardware and electromechanical products, the strong movement of sporting goods, the vitality of life, the tenderness of cosmetics, the purity of medicines, and the design concepts and language graphics of different commodity trademarks are certainly different. If it is a sign. It must first be individual, group, or multinational. Then it should be targeted to enter the society or enter the market, collect information on such company groups, study the nature of the company or group, summarize and compare the common characteristics of such company groups, and then understand the service purpose or corporate philosophy of the company or group. Live a personality and launch a distinctive logo for this company or group. The trademark design must also comply with the relevant provisions of the "Trademark Law," and must not use the texts and graphics that are prohibited in the provisions of the "Trademark Law," and must not be the same or similar to the registered trademarks of Others. In addition, the trademark design should also consider whether it is sold domestically or exported to which countries and regions. Because each country and region has its own customary habits and language habits, it has many special preferences and taboos on names, colors, and shapes. It is likely that the merchandise is unsuccessful due to improper design of the mark. From creativity to design, we should focus on the theme. From the trademark mark's name, shape, color, and various factors mentioned above, ingeniously conceived, ingeniously designed to design a trademark mark with strong visual identity, distinctive personality characteristics, and the ability to accurately convey information.

Normal align=left> It is precisely because the trademark design is the key first step in the success of a company’s trademark strategy, so many have world-famous trademarks. Entrepreneurs began to invest a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources for the design and promotion of trademark marks. For example, the American Exxon Standard Oil Company was originally called the New Jersey Mobil Oil Company. In order to design a world-recognized good trademark, a committee was set up to collect and inspect almost all the dictionaries. The final name was “Exxon”. The transliteration of "Exxon" does not have any misunderstanding or unhappiness in the languages ​​of the world. From creativeness to design success, it took a full three years, from sound to righteousness to shape, to be considered an impeccable and flawless trademark. Subsequently, the plan was introduced into CI and more than 20,000 service departments, more than 300 million bills, certificates, and thousands of books, stamps, and all oil wells, buildings, staff uniforms, and other office supplies were all replaced with new trademark marks. Although it cost nearly US$100 million before and after, companies have achieved great success and become famous world-class large group companies.

Normal align=left> Second, the design law

Normal align=left> The modern trademark logo is characterized by its clear and vivid image, strong visual impact and psychic power, rich imagination, close internal connection with commodities or business, unique creativity, and embodying the spirit of the times. With national characteristics, suitable for all kinds of media and carriers to spread. The middle of the trademark design gives us only a few square inches, but it contains a large amount of capacity. Therefore, trademark design requirements are highly general and exquisite. It is one of the laws that should be followed in trademark design. In addition, the trademark mark is expressed through a complete visual image, fully embodying the characteristics of modern trademark marks. In addition to having external formal beauty, that is, having a typical artistic image, there should also be an intrinsic imagery beauty, that is, a profound theme. Indispensable. The former is in the form of a pattern of rules and the norms of the plane constitute the law, the latter with a healthy aesthetic ideal. Thought and feeling are the kernel. A trademark logo does not conform to the rules of beauty and beauty, and there is no organized and normalized organization order. It cannot create a visual sense of beauty. If there is a lack of imagery, it is as poetic as poetry, and it cannot be resonating with the soul and cannot make people feel it. To its design connotation. Formal beauty is an image that provides visual aesthetics and specific characteristics; imagery is intrinsic and provides a universal aesthetic sense. Both are the organic unity of content. Therefore, the formal beauty of the structural framework consisting of imagination, artistic conception, metaphor, color, etc., profoundly subtle imagery beauty, contrast harmony, symmetry equilibrium, repetition, rhythm, etc. is another important aspect that we should follow in the design of trademark marks. law.

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