Wallpapers are again popular, environmentally friendly materials are the mainstream

During the “May 1st” holiday, the young owners in the home building materials store became the mainstay of the shopping group. The reporter learned in some large stores that many consumers favor the “fashionable, safe and environmentally friendly” wallpaper instead of latex. Paint .

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It is understood that the current market wallpaper is roughly divided into seven categories, such as pure paper, plastic, foam, textiles, natural effects, wood fiber, metal wallpaper, etc. Many people have a smattering of "how to buy, how to measure" wallpaper. This reporter will inquire for you one or two.

Reporter survey

Consumers choose non-woven and plain paper wallpapers

The reporter learned from many wallpaper brand merchants that most consumers choose wallpapers mainly for non-woven fabrics and pure papers, because they are relatively environmentally friendly, and they tend to be more cost-effective 0.53×10m standard specifications in paper selection specifications. . Soft Ran wallpaper staff said that the non-woven materials are mainly chemical fiber and plant fiber through mixed non-woven molding, the industry called "breathing wallpaper", the price of a roll of domestic non-woven wallpaper is about 400 yuan, The imported ones are around 1400 to 2,000 yuan. Mr. Wang, a long-term sticker of Kexiang Wallpaper, told reporters that “the most common wall sticker is the non-woven wallpaper, because its biggest feature is that it has good air permeability, which just meets the requirements of consumers today, but the biggest The downside is that the seams will be visible when attached to the wall." Another pure paper wallpaper made from grass and bark natural materials and sold in the market, compared with non-woven wallpapers, the biggest feature is the breathability, but the seams are natural. .


How much is appropriate to buy, what should I do?

A citizen who just posted the wallpaper told Mr. Zhang, "After the wallpaper is posted, there is still a large amount of paper left unused, because the business is not retired, and it feels a waste." People said, "A lot of businesses are catching up with the lack of knowledge about the use of wallpaper measurement by consumers, taking the opportunity to increase the use of wallpapers," and taking a 120-square-meter house and a 2.7-meter-high wall as an example: a standard-size wallpaper roll Three sheets of paper can be used. In addition to the remaining small materials for the windows and doors, and the kitchen and bathroom are not attached, it is generally necessary to use about 45 rolls of paper. It is understood that in the process of stickers, the doors and windows can be completely attached with the leftovers, but some sticker workers increase the cost, often too much open a roll of paper, resulting in increased consumer spending, or for larger flowers. Wallpapers, workers are too large to leave the flower spacing, and it is easy to cause waste.

an expert

Go to a hypermarket with warranty

In the face of an assortment of wallpaper brands, how to choose? Where to buy the most assured? The person in charge of the nature wallpaper said that before buying a wallpaper, you must first do your homework, know your own decoration style, and then choose the type of wallpaper according to the actual economic situation. Because the wallpaper industry is in the process of moving towards standard standardized management, the price is still not transparent. When asking the price, you must shop around and ask a few more papers. In addition, for some large building materials stores have the first to pay for the quality of the benefits of insurance, so consumers are best to buy these wallpapers in the main store, in the sale, after-sales are guaranteed, buy more assured.

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Post wallpaper tips

When the "wall" wallpaper is in the late stage of all decoration, it is usually after the installation of the wooden floor, and while fully understanding the overall decoration style and lighting effect of the home, you can directly go to the wall by choosing a good wallpaper.

å•¥ Wall surface can be attached to the general situation, for the wall within two years of decoration can be directly on the wall stickers. In addition to this, the walls must be professionally treated. First remove the wall dust, hit the putty three times, and after the wall surface is leveled, dry it for about a week, and finally meet the construction requirements.

The gold medal partner with 啥 stickers should be “several glue + base film”. Most wallpaper glues are based on glutinous rice glue and potato glue. The base film also protects the wall surface, facilitates secondary replacement, and prevents mildew and moisture. The price of a set is about 80 yuan, you can paste 15 square meters, brush 1-2 times.

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