Water-based plastic composite ink

The invention relates to a water-based plastic composite ink. The aqueous ink is prepared from an anionic polyurethane dispersion, an acrylic emulsion, a pigment, a dispersant, a defoamer, a polyethylene wax, water, and very little isopropyl alcohol. In order to obtain a water-based ink with a good overall performance and low cost, a cool acrylic emulsion having good compatibility with an anionic polyurethane dispersion was synthesized. By adding a crosslinking agent, the rubbing resistance, adhesion fastness, and peel strength of the ink layer are improved. Trial water-based inks are printed on a gravure web press at a speed of 30-50 m/min for the treated biaxially oriented polypropylene film. The peel strength after compounding is 180 N/inch. The water-based ink of the invention has fast drying speed and good friction resistance, and is particularly suitable for composite printing of food flexible packaging of polypropylene and polyester films.

Toy Packaging

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Toy Packaging

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