Winter skin care hydrating has a trick

The winter climate is relatively dry, and the girls are paying attention to the body hydration. Only in this way can the skin be tender and radiant, but there are many techniques for hydrating. I don’t know what hydration skills do you have? Let's take a look at Xiaobian's skin care hydration skills.

Carefully selected moisturizing skin care products

There are too many choices for skin care products. In autumn and winter, be careful. From facial cleanser to water to essence to face cream, please contact SAY BYEBYE in the summer and put on the moisturizing and moisturizing party in autumn and winter. In particular, don't forget to add moisturizing mask care and body after bath. milk.

Let the environment moist a little, then moisten a little

My own feeling is that no matter how many layers of water moisturizing I used, I started to feel dry and tight after 2 hours in the office. Sometimes, when I feel that I am laughing, it is super unnatural. Therefore, the humidness of the environment is very important. Otherwise, the ones that were eaten before and painted are all abandoned.

Show off my secret weapon - Swiss style AOS U7146 portable star humidifier!

Small size, easy to carry, only as big as my slap. There is no water tank, just need to invert the pure water bottle that you usually drink, turn on the switch, it will be OK. More intimate is its ultra-quiet design, the operating sound is almost inaudible. You can safely use it in the office without worrying about disturbing other colleagues to work! When I got off work, I put it in my bag and took it home. I continued to enjoy it in the study and bedroom. It was a "wet zone" for me.

It is specially designed for strapping paper roll. The strap materials can be PET or PP, power driven friction welding seal, automatic strap thread, tightening and cut. The max tension force is 800kg.

We have supplied machines for well known brands from industries of water & beverage, logistics, chemical, construction material and paper, etc. The machines can be customized.
Up till now, we have developed many new systems like Palletizer, strapper, paper corner applicator and Carton Sealer, etc. We are already ready to serve you with our best.

Paper Roll Auto Strapping Machine

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