Yilite glass factory practice internal force to fight off the financial crisis

Xinjiang Yilite Glass Products Co., Ltd. has faced significant difficulties in raw material prices this year, profit margins have been squeezed, actively market-oriented, adjusted product structure, and achieved remarkable results. From January to August, the company produced a total of 13.57 million glass bottles, achieved a sales income of 11.82 million yuan and a profit of 1.8 million yuan. Yiliite Glass Products Co., Ltd. has a short construction period, uneven skill levels, and a small melting pool area. To solve these difficulties, the company relies on the demand advantage of Yilite Baijiu Market to increase staff skills training and absorb and introduce advanced technologies and equipment. Promote the continuous improvement of the overall production technology level of the enterprise; pay attention to equipment technological innovation, actively carry out the "five small" activities, and carry out technological transformation of the feeding track and cold gas station, save energy, reduce material consumption, and improve the operation efficiency of the equipment; strengthen the key Operation point control, strict process operation, ensure the steady increase of product qualification rate, adjust product structure, produce milk glass bottles with high added value and technical difficulty. It is reported that at present, the product accounts for 60% of the province's total share of Xinjiang, becoming the largest milk glass bottle manufacturer in Xinjiang.

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